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  • New Album – Out of the Cold

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    John Hemans

    Towards the end of 2022 God brought me some great musicians to work with, and so I started work on a rock CD that tells my story – it’s my testimony. In a sense the album represents a redemption of the type of music I wrote, played and recorded during a period of darkness in my life.
    The album chronicles my journey out of addiction and darkness into that place of relationship with Jesus that turned my life upside down.
    The album is called Out of the Cold, and it is being released through all streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal on 31st January.
    I am also having a very limited production run of CDs produced of the album, which will be available from the Kingdom Reign web site (you can pre-order from today).
    Each CD will be personally signed with a short note from me of appreciation.
    If you’re a rock fan you will enjoy it, and even if you’re not a rock fan you will be touched by the story that the songs tell.
    You can order the CD here – https://www.kingdomreign.org.au/product/out-of-the-cold-cd/

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