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  • The Angel Outside

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    John Hemans

    Last night I had an extremely vivid dream. My wife and I were in the living room of a house that I didn’t recognise. It was night-time, and I was looking out the long windows in the room to the patio outside.

    As I looked out, I suddenly recognised that there was a man standing outside, completely motionless, facing towards the house. My immediate reaction was one of terror, but then in my spirit, I recognised him as an angel. Though he looked like an ordinary man, there was an atmosphere of incredible power emanating from him – (this was what had initially produced a reaction of terror from me), and I recognised that he was assigned to protect us.

    Some of the rest of the dream I don’t remember clearly, but I remember being very aware that there were some extremely dangerous and destructive¬†entities or influences that wanted access to our home, and that this angel was assigned to keep them out.

    When I got up this morning (as if by coincidence!) I received an email update from Rick Joyner’s ministry on Todd Bentley’s restoration process, and there was a series of discussions about angelic beings, the ministering spirits sent by God.

    I have no intention of getting into the arguments about Todd Bentley, angels, Emma or his restoration to ministry, but I was aware that the Lord was reminding me that we are in a daily battle, and that He has assigned angels to look after us and to minister on our behalf – praise God!