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  • Healing Reign Event – Saturday March 7 2015

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    John Hemans


    Our next Healing Reign event is this coming Saturday, 7th March at 12 PM.
    It will be held in Bigge Park, Bigge Street, Liverpool.

    Our launch in February was fantastic, with many people fed and ministered to in worship and prayer ministry.

    Some testimonies from February –

    • An Islander man who responded to a word of knowledge regarding a skin disease on his leg felt the love of God over him.
    • A young girl who had been suffering from asthma responded to a word of knowledge, came to the front, was prayed for, and has not had to use her ventolin to date – praise God!
    • Many people were ministered to prophetically in our new Spiritual Readings tent
    • A lady from New Zealand came down to see her grandfather in hospital. Had moved away from God. Was drawn to the tent and rededicated her life back to God
    • Another lady who had come to a service at Open Heaven Church came for prayer for stomach complaints. God healed her.
    • Her friend wanted prayer for back troubles,  God straightened her back and her pain was gone

    Food giveaway, Live worship, Prayer ministry, Prophetic Ministry and Healing…
    We are looking forward to what God is going to do this Saturday!

    God bless,
    John Hemans

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