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  • August 2020 Prophetic Ministry Meeting

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    John Hemans

    From John Hemans, Open Heaven Church

    We are getting tremendous feedback from participants about deliverance, healing being released, prophetic words confirmed, and people greatly impacted by the ministry time in our prophetic ministry meetings.
    We are currently adding video testimonies to our Open Heaven Church Youtube channel which is here – 

    Do you have a testimony from our past meetings?
    We would like to hear from you and share your testimony so others are encouraged and built up in faith! If you were ministered to and would like to share your testimony, please email us at john@kingdomreign.org.au and tell us what happened.

    Our next meeting is coming up in mid August!

    For Australian registrants, the date and time will be –
    Sydney – Saturday, Aug 15, 10:00am (AEST)
    Adelaide – Saturday, Aug 15, 9:30am (ACST)
    Perth – Saturday, Aug 15, 8:00am (AWST)

    For our US registrants, the date and time will be –
    New York – Friday August 14, 8:00pm (EDT)
    Chicago – Friday August 14, 7:00pm (CDT)
    Denver – Friday August 14, 6:00pm (MDT)
    Phoenix – Friday August 14, 5:00pm (MST)
    Los Angeles – Friday August 14, 5:00pm (PDT)
    Anchorage – Friday August 14, 4:00pm (AKDT)
    Honolulu – Friday August 14, 2:00pm (HST)
    We look forward to you joining us in our meeting!


    We will have prophetic worship, testimonies from previous meetings, plus Pastor John Hemans will be speaking and ministering with the Open Heaven ministry teams in the word of knowledge, healing, deliverance and prophetic ministry. 
    If you would like to make a donation to our ministry, here is the link –

    God bless you and hope to see you in the meeting!

    John Hemans
    Open Heaven Church
    Kingdom Reign Ministries

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