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    In early 2015, John Hemans went into the studio to begin work on a new album project… but with only one song written.

    The Throneroom worship project was written and recorded almost entirely as prophetic worship. As John worshipped in the studio, the songs formed. Some took shape over hours, some over days, but all the songs are written and recorded from a place of intimacy with the Holy Spirit.
    Here’s the story behind the project, in John’s own words –

    The Story Behind Throneroom

    I have been a musician forever (at least that’s how it feels!)
    I was a chorister in a cathedral choir at 7 or 8 years of age but by 14 had discovered the electric guitar and spent years playing in rock bands all over Australia.
    At the age of 35 I had a spiritual re-awakening when I had an amazing encounter with God, and so, having come full circle and re-committed my musical talents to Him, I began writing and playing music that glorified God.

    Since that time I have recorded four CD’s – the first was a Christian rock album, folowed by three worship CD’s.
    It can be very difficult for a songwriter or recording artist to assess their own work, but in many ways this new prophetic worship CD, Throneroom, is the CD that I was born to write and record.

    What do I mean by prophetic worship? At the start of this recording project I had only one song, but felt very strongly that the Lord wanted me to go in the studio and record… with no songs except one.

    You can see the story of how this came about here – https://youtu.be/H_VDC8vmlfQ
    This is not how I normally tackle a recording project. I usually have a number of songs ready with complete arrangements.

    Each day in the studio was preceded by hours of soaking in God’s presence, in prayer and in the Word of God. The fruit of this was that I would go into the studio, sit down at the keyboard or guitar, and the creative flow would just begin.
    I had some amazing experiences in my studio during this project.
    While recording the song “Awaken the Dawn” I had gold dust appear on the pages of my Bible – which was open at Psalm 108 (on which the song is based).
    There were times when I was recording that the presence of God was so strong in the room that I ended up facedown on the floor.
    Every song was written “on-the-fly” with no set instrumentation, arrangements or lyrics, yet somehow each idea gradually emerged into a full song.

    It is the most complete expression of what I do as a songwriter / worshipper / worship leader that I have ever recorded simply because it has been written instinctively after hours of prayer, meditating on the Word of God and soaking in His presence.

    I hope you enjoy it!


    Track List

    • Awaken the Dawn
    • This is the Place
    • Throneroom
    • Healing in Your Wings
    • I Lift Up My Eyes
    • Love Like Fire
    • Realms of Glory
    • Angels of Breakthrough

    The album is also available on Itunes here – https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album/throneroom/id1080201427?mt=1&app=music

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