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  • Voice of the Apostles 2013

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    John Hemans


    Bishop Joe Garlington preached one of the best messages I have ever heard in my entire life at Voice of the Apostles yesterday morning!

    I haven’t been so rocked by the Holy Spirit since I gave my life to the Lord in 1996.
    The Holy Spirit turned me upside down and inside out, re-wired me and lit me up.
    And that was on top of Bill Johnson, Bob Hazlett and Reinhard Bonnke’s ministry the previous day!

    Someone described sitting under Bill Johnson’s preaching as trying to get a drink from fire hydrant that’s been turned on full bore – this whole conference is like that

    More and more my eyes are being opened to see that that the Holy Spirit does not need our talents and giftings, though he has a plan for them, He just needs us to be yielded – so that He can fit us into God’s master plan for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that is being released on the earth in this season.

    Kerry and I go straight from this conference to ministering in Mexico City, in prison and on the streets, and we are looking forward to the way God is going to touch many many lives.

    Another update is coming in the next day or so…

    Here’s a few snaps from the conference so far…

    third day

    Third Day


    Reinhard Bonnke

    Heidi Baker

    Heidi Baker



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