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  • September 2014 Church in the Park testimonies

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    John Hemans

    marqueesSome testimonies from September’s Church in the Park event – God gave me three words of knowledge – 
    1. Someone who had erected an Altar to a false god in their home (a physical altar) and they had been wondering why that god never answered them.
    2. Someone with fallen arches
    3. Someone with an Achilles’ tendon problem

    A woman who had never been to Church in the Park before responded to the word about the altar, saying she knew about Jesus but had built an altar to a Hindu god in her home. As we prayed for her she repented in tears and committed her life to Jesus.

    The bass player in our worship team responded to the word about the fallen arches (none of us knew about this beforehand) and as Harry from Healing Rooms and others prayed for him his leg grew out two centimetres and his back pain went.

    A woman responded to the word about the Achilles problem and received immediate relief from pain as we prayed for her.

    Another lady was healed of back pain in response to prayer.

    There were other testimonies on the day but these were the ones I know of so far.

    We serve a MIGHTY GOD!

    Pastor John

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