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  • Prison Ministry Update

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    John Hemans

    This morning Kerry and I ministered at Dilwynnia Correctional Centre here in Sydney. The chapel was full, and the girls really responded to the message. From the moment that the worship started I could tell it was going to be a special service.

    I was speaking on the life of Rahab, and how all her past as a prostitute in a society so evil they sacrificed their own children was completely overturned by one decision. Her simple step of faith after she recognised that it was not Israel that the nations in Canaan had to fear, but the God they served, was the pivotal moment of her life. She and her extended family were the only survivors of the conquest of Jericho, and the lineage of Jesus includes her (see Joshua 2 and Matthew 1).

    I talked about how I had my own pivotal moment, when I turned my back on everything in my past and turned over my life to God, and testified to how God has blessed and changed me.

    In response, Patricia and Julie made first time decisions to give their lives to Jesus, and another girl, Kizzie, re-dedicated her life to the Lord.

    Praise God!

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