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  • Ministry in Nicaragua

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    John Hemans

    Nicaragua is a beautiful country beset by enormous political, economic and social problems.

    Not the least of these is a growing problem with street gangs and the violence that comes with it. Major street gangs like MS-13 and the 18th Street gang have established an increasing presence here in recent years, and this ministry trip has been specifically aimed at reaching some of these young men with the gospel.ministry2

    My cousin Amy has been ministering to the street gangs here in Nicaragua and in neighbouring Honduras for a number of years, and this is my third trip here to minister with her. On previous trips I preached and gave my testimony in street churches, prisons and in the barrios to gangs that Amy had contact with.

    This time the Lord has been using me to reach specific gang members who Amy has had contact with in the past.

    On Tuesday we ministered to two young men in one of the barrios. One was a local gang member, the other an ex 18th Street gang member.

    I shared my testimony with them and had the opportunity to pray with them individually. As I did, the Lord really touched them and gave me words of knowledge specific to each of them, and both were moved to tears.ministry3

    God is drawing them both back to a commitment to him. It’s not easy to turn your back on gang life here, you immediately become a target, and opportunities for employment are very limited for ex gang members.

    On Wednesday I ministered to an ex gang member from south-central LA who was deported after a prison sentence in the USA.

    I could sense that his heart was open for the gospel, and I shared my testimony with him and invited him to receive Christ as his Lord and Saviour.

    Praise God, he responded and gave his life to Jesus on the spot!

    ministry4I also had the opportunity to share with a large group of teenagers from a Baptist church in one of the barrios, and as I gave my testimony and invited them all to commit their lives to Christ, I saws tears in the eyes of several as they prayed through the prayer of salvation.

    It’s been a very fruitful trip, and I’m so thankful to the Lord for using me in the ways he did.

    If you’d like some background on the gang problems and our previous ministry in Nicaragua, please see the following page –


    More soon!

    John Hemans

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