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  • Mexico City Mission Trip update

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    John Hemans

    Our first update from Mexico City – this morning we were invited to share at a Southern Baptist mission, with a group of Baptist missionaries and their families, plus a few local people. There were about 35 there. Kerry and I shared our testimonies, and I preached about the prodigal son coming into his inheritance.

    This was a very conservative group of Christians, not used to people ministering in the Spirit, yet as we opened up the meeting for ministry nearly every single person came forward for prayer! We had the opportunity to minister in the Word of Knowledge and Prophecy, several were reduced to tears as we ministered to them, and we were so excited that God would use us to bring encouragement, healing and prophecy, and to speak into their lives. What a wonderful time we had, and what a great way to start our mission!

    Tomorrow we have a reconnaissance mission into one of the more dangerous barrios in Mexico City, and are believing for opportunities to minister and hopefully set up a wider ministry meeting for the following day.
    We would appreciate your prayer, particularly as my ankle has started seizing up again and we have a lot of ground to cover (literally!) over the next few days.

    Love, John and Kerry

    Preaching with Amy Johnson interpreting

    Preaching with Amy Johnson interpreting

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