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  • Mexico City Mission Trip Update 5

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    John Hemans

    Today was the most amazing day I can remember for a long time.

    As usual, the devil tried to stop what the Lord had planned, but again as usual, the Lord overruled.
    We took a taxi from my cousin Amy’s house to a really dangerous area near downtown Mexico City. We were to meet a local Pentecostal church ministry down there at 3 pm, as they run a weekly homeless meals program.

    However, we reached downtown and the whole area was jammed because of people demonstrating in front of government buildings.
    The resulting traffic snarl delayed us by 40 minutes, but thankfully the church group waited for us.
    They were leading some worship when we arrived in the little park. The park had about 150 people in it, many of them sniffing glue or drunk. Prostitutes ringed the area and the atmosphere was very black.
    The poverty of these people was over-whelming – I have ministered to homeless people before but I had never seen this level of poverty before.

    Out of the corner of my eye I saw a young woman who was selling sweets out of a bag.She headed straight for us, and as she drew nearer I could see that her right arm was terribly deformed.
    Between her shoulder and elbow her arm was shaped like a Z – the top section of her arm pointed straight back, another shorter section pointed forward, and then a third section pointed back again.
    It looked like a giant Z.
    We asked her if we could pray for her.
    She said yes, and we began to command healing in the name of Jesus.

    We had been praying for maybe 20 seconds when she let out a shriek and her eyes opened like saucers – her arm was straightening out!
    We continued to pray, and by the time of the photo below, her arm was at least 80% straight (as you can see below)… PRAISE GOD!

    Arm miraculously staightened

    Arm miraculously straightened

    No sooner had we finished praying for her than the pastor in charge of the outreach called me over, and I gave my testimony and spoke of the tremendous hope and future of all who call on the name of Jesus.

    At least 20 gave their lives to the Lord in response.

    Feeding the homeless

    Feeding the homeless

    With the Church homeless ministry team leaders

    With the Church homeless ministry team leaders

    If that wasn’t enough, when we left the outreach to return to our hotel we had to take two trains and a taxi to get there.
    We were picked up by a taxi driver, and Amy and my wife Kerry were in the back seat with me in the front.
    We got half way to the hotel and Amy gets a word of knowledge that the taxi driver is ready for salvation. So she asks me to share my testimony with him.

    I shared my testimony with Adan (the cab driver) and then told him that in a city of 22 million with thousands of taxi drivers and hundreds of thousands of potential passengers, God had set him up because He had a plan for Adan’s life.

    So Adan repented of his sins and gave his life to Jesus! I prayed for him and gave him a prophetic word, and then we rolled into the hotel entrance just as I finished.
    God’s timing is perfect! And what a day! Gloria a Dios! (Glory to God)!

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