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  • Mexico City Mission Trip update 4

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    John Hemans

    Mexico City is at high altitude (2400 meters above sea level) and it takes a while to adjust.
    Today was our fourth day in Mexico City, and this morning I felt extremely tired and lethargic.
    Amy and I set out for a call centre where a number of gang members deported from the USA work.
    When we arrived there was only one guy there that we could share with, and I could tell he was only listening to be polite. Additionally I felt no presence of the Holy Spirit to minister.
    It was beginning to seem as if today was not going to be our day.
    We returned to Amy’s house, and she told me there was a Mexican family up the street from her who we could minister to.
    The mother had received Jesus a few months ago, but her husband and two daughters did not know the Lord.
    Additionally they were still dealing with the death of their son who was brutally murdered here two years ago, and the husband had a badly degenerated hip condition.

    So we went up the street and the family gathered around to hear my testimony.
    As soon as I sat down I felt the presence of the Lord very strongly – dispelling all my lethargy and tiredness.
    I sang my song “Jesus’ Love for Me” in Spanish and saw their countenances change as the Holy Spirit began to move.
    To make a long story short, the husband and two daughters all gave their lives to Jesus and made the choice to walk in forgiveness over what had happened to their son / brother.
    I then asked if I could pray for them all individually.
    When I prayed for the mother the Lord gave me a word of knowledge about something that had happened many years ago.
    She confirmed it and then the Holy Spirit released healing to her and a prophetic word.
    I prayed for the husband and he received healing in his hip as we prayed. Not 100%, but very substantial loss of pain, and greatly improved movement.
    And one of the daughters is coming with us tomorrow to minister in the barrio…

    Praise God!

    Salvation released in Mexico City mission trip

    Salvation released in Mexico City mission trip

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