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  • God visits Church in the Park

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    John Hemans

    Salvation and Healing

    Yesterday morning I was up early preparing for Church in the Park and I had a vision. The vision was of someone getting up that morning , sitting on the edge of their bed with their head in their hands, in absolute despair.

    The vision stayed with me as I prepared my message, and I knew that the Lord was going to do something special at Church in the Park that day.

    I preached on pain – physical, emotional and spiritual, and at the end as I made the altar call I talked about the vision God had given me, and how the vision was given to me to encourage that person that God wanted to do something special in their life.

    As I stepped down from the platform, a young woman approached me and the first words out of her mouth were “That person you were talking about was me”. I was able to lead her to salvation and to pray healing over her life, which has been very troubled.

    My wife Kerry then brought over a young man to receive prayer. She had met him in the hospital across the road from Church in the Park. It turns out he had just been released from prison, and knew one of our team members. We led him to salvation, and then I asked him about his knee, which was obviously causing him great pain.

    He had been in a motorcycle accident and his kneee had been badly damaged. As we prayed for him he felt heat going through his knee. I encouraged him to try to walk and see if it felt any different, and he was able to walk normally, with the pain in his knee greatly reduced.

    Praise God!

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