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  • August 2nd 2014 – Church in the Park

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    John Hemans

    church in the park August 2014

    The July event we had for Church in the Park was again an awesome event.

    A few testimonies –

    John Hemans (Unchained Ministries)
    When we were setting up in the park I noticed a young homeless woman who had been sleeping in the stage area. She had a badly deformed right arm. When I asked her about it she said she had had a bad car accident and that it had not healed properly after surgery.
    The surgeons inserted metal rods and screws in her arm, the surgery left her with a twist in her upper arm and she could feel the metal “clicking” when she moved it. I called over Sylvia, one of our team members and together we prayed for her.
    I asked her if she could feel anything happening as we prayed, she told us that she felt heat going through her arm and the clicking she had felt was gone.
    We are believing that the Lord completely restores that arm.

    I also had a word of knowledge for someone with tormented thoughts, whose mind kept racing, accompanied by feelings of paranoia. Two responded to this word and I prayed for one of them with Anne Marie, she received immediate relief. The other who responded is covered in Gavin’s testimony below.

    Kerry Hemans
    Kerry had the opportunity to pray for a young man, as she did the Lord gave her a word of knowledge about a series of broken relationships, the young man realised that Gods had His hand on his life and has started coming to church with 2 others of his family.

    Sandra (Open Heaven Church)
    The lord gave Sandra a word of knowledge that someone had joint pain in the knees or hip – Pastor Minta was having trouble walking and responded to this word – when Sandra and others prayed for her the Lord healed her on the spot.

    Harry (Healing Rooms Australia)
    Prayed for an Iraqi man , he had pain in his right leg, pain reduced.
    Prayed for lady who responded to word of knowledge, power of God hit her and us who were ministering.

    Gavin and Brenda (Healing Rooms Australia)
    Words of knowledge led us to a lady who we sat with for approximately 20 min. She initially said she wanted prayer for her friend but it was more that she needed prayer. She had a complex story but we managed to cover some ground. She was trying to get her friend to church but he was endeavouring to make sexual advances on her. The Lord showed me in words of knowledge that he was weighing her down. We broke off some stuff (she is a Christian) and spoke peace and new things into her life. She did say she felt better.

    Kylie (Healing Rooms Australia)
    Kylie approached two homeless men who had been sleeping in the stage area, listened to their stories and blessed them.

    Just Jesus Ministries team
    The young guys from Just Jesus Ministries spread out around Liverpool and came back to testify of numerous healings and people giving their lives to Jesus – they did a fantastic job witnessing and releasing the power of God!

    There were other testimonies as well but these are the ones we have heard of so far.

    This coming Saturday, August 2 we will be joined by Healing Rooms Australia, Open Heaven Church, Living Grace Church and Living Pool Church to release the love and power of God into our community.

    We hope to see you there, and our thanks for your support!


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