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  • July 5 Church in the Park coming up!

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    John Hemans

    church in the park July 2014

    Church in the Park is coming up – This Saturday 5th July at Bigge Park in Liverpool, from 12PM to 2 PM.

    The June Church in the Park event was one of the best we have ever had. We were joined by teams from Healing Rooms NSW, and representatives from at least six churches within our area.

    For the first time in two years we had a full worship team, and the weather was perfect. Right from the start we could all sense such a powerful presence of God, and some of the testimonies were amazing…

    Healing teams testimonies…
    Man with pain in his left leg – pain was reduced.
    Prayed for muslim lady, had a word of knowledge, she was very blessed.
    Prayed for iraqi man who knows jesus to bring his family to australia.
    Prayed for man with mental issues to receive peace.
    Two people prayed for jesus to come into their hearts, they came from the hospital.
    Prayed for man with cracked tooth and bad back, he felt the Spirit of God.
    Another man from India who has diabetes accepted Jesus. He was a hindu from the hardest place in india to evangelise.
    A Pastor’s sister from sefton church had bulged disk. Her pain went and she felt tingly. She had a word which gave her joy.
    Prayed for a man who had a walking stick, he felt instant relief. He was blessed.
    Prayed for lady with schizophrenia, also had pain in her right ankle. Her ankle was healed and she felt much better within herself.
    Other testimonies…
    Ps Minta prayed for Lady with pain in left shoulder she said pain was gone.
    Words of knowledge were given and responded to.
    Two of the Church in the Park team ministered the presence of God in the hospital, with two more salvations and more healings.
    The presence of God was strong in the park throughout the event, with no resistance.

    All up we had 5 salvations, at least 18 healings, many were ministered to and the presence of God came on many people. We believe we are in a new season for Church in the Park as the Holy Spirit breaks through in this events.

    This coming Saturday we will be joined by Healing Rooms Australia, Open Heaven Church, Living Grace Church, Living Pool Church and Just Jesus ministries to release the love and power of God into our community.

    We hope to see you there, and our thanks for your support!

    How you can help to support Church In The Park

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    We hope to see you there, and our thanks for your support!
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